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Setting up your installation of the KillSwitch with a MetaTrader Broker Account

This post makes the following assumptions:

  • You have downloaded a copy of the Killswitch installation file
  • You have followed the pre-requisites needed to run the KillSwitch
  • You have installed the Killswitch software and are now ready to register with a broker client

You can also watch the following Video Tutorial:

Configuring Integration of MetaTrader with the KillSwitch Software

  • Before running the KillSwitch, you need to register the Broker client (MetaTrader)

  • Pick the MetaTrader Broker Client you wish to use

  • Login to the Broker Client that you wish to manage with the KillSwitch

  • Navigate to Tools >> Options and check the default settings in MetaTrader for Expert Advisors

  • Ensure that the options match what you see below and click ok.

  • Open a chart using any asset class from the broker

  • Open up the Navigator, scroll down to Expert Advisors and 'Drag and Drop' the Expert Advisor 'fxtpBridge' onto the Chart

  • Click 'Ok' on the Expert Dialog box to activate the Bridge.

  • If everything is configured correctly you should see the KillSwitch Bridge appear in the top right corner of the Bridge.

  • The green text “Server Connection” pulsing confirms a successful connection to the KillSwitch. This is the Heart Beat and is an indicator to you that all is working OK.

This completes the integration steps of your chosen MetaTrader Broker Account with the KillSwitch, the next thing to complete the configuration is to register your broker account with the KillSwitch database.

Registering/Synchronising your MT4 Broker Account with the KillSwitch

  • Open the registration screen, navigate down the bottom right of the Task-Bar on your Windows PC until you find the up-arrow depicted in the image below:

  • Left-Click on the arrow and float the mouse over the KillSwitch Icon which highlights the KillSwitch tool-tip.

  • Right-click the icon to bring up a menu.


  • Select Settings from the menu to open the Settings Dialog box for the KillSwitch – Select the Registration Tab from the Dialog.

  • The Account Number should match the MT4 Account number you chose to use during integration of the MT4 broker client with the KillSwitch.

  • Make sure to enter a valid email address into the box provided. This email address is used to send a registration code to so that you can complete the registration process.

  • Once you've entered an email address, a 'Register Me!' button will appear. Click this button to receive a code from the Cloud Services.

  • The Dialog box will close and you will need to navigate back to the settings menu to enter the code sent to the inbox you specified.


  • Enter the code and Click the Submit button to complete the Registration.

  • Congratulations, you are now ready to use the Killswitch, navigate back the Menu in the TaskBar and instead of selecting settings, select 'Open KillSwitch'



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